BACH: Tocatten & Fugen.  122cm x 122cm $5000

BACH Partitas: Tanya Asiminof  100cm x 100cm $4000  

MAHLER: The Earth Symphony No2 91cm x 91cm  $3200

SAARIAHO: Note on Light 76cm x 102 cm       $ 3700

Scientists at `Morning Break'70cm x 84 cm (Framed) $2300

MENDLESOHN :Fingals Cave  93cm x 93cm    $3500

​BEETHOVEN : Pastoral Symphony 91cm x 157 cm   $4000

LISZT: Faust Symphony 103 cm 154 cm    $4000

​KABALEVSKY: Cello Concerto No1 2/3 130cm x 135cm $4000.

All sales are dealt with effeciently by Internet Banking for payment, which includes the cost of shipping to all destinations. The buyer has to be responsible for all expenses needed at the arrival to Customs in their countries.

Kay Lipton's paintings are going up in value at present. She is known for her artistic interpretation of all things `MUSIC'!    See below:

​For Prospective Buyers for Kay Lipton's Boxed Canvases

BACH:  Cantata `Sleepers Awake  76cm x 102 cm  $2800

​MOZART: Horn Concerto  100cm x 100cm $8000.00