Agent:  Charles Hardman,  100th Gallery,  Melbourne,  Vic.  Australia                                                                                                   +61 [0] 413 00 1234 for all enquiries about art works that are still available for SALE

The ARTIST reaches the SUBLIME listening to BEETHOVEN 5th. Symphony.

Size: 85 cm x 105 cm x 6 cm   This painting is being shown at `SPECTRUM MIAMI', U.S.A

in December 2016. Director: Thomas Tunberg  Tel. (1) 805-770-5136                                                                

                Exhibition at the 100th Gallery, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

                         `Classical Music informing the art of Kay Lipton'

Dr Anthony Lipton and Mrs. Kay Lipton

at her PARIS EXHIBITION in 1997.

​BEETHOVEN 5th. Symphony          Size: 130 cm x 135 cm x 4 cm                                         FOR SALE:   $12000.00

The above painting would be a good acquisition for the BUYER of `The Artist reaches the SUBLIME listening to BEETHOVEN 5th. Symphony '. Contact Thomas Tunberg for its purchase. Tel. (1) 805-770-5136