‚ÄčLALO: Cello Concerto in D Minor                  Dyptych    93 cm   x 186 cm x 4 cm                 $7000.00     

                Exhibition at the 100th Gallery, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

                         `Classical Music informing the art of Kay Lipton'

A past Curator who understood my passion, when creating my interpretation of the famous Composers of Classical and Modern Classical Music with my ART. Kay Lipton.

Dr Anthony Lipton and Mrs. Kay Lipton

at her PARIS EXHIBITION in 1997.

BACH: Cantata ` Sleepers Awake' 76 cm x 102 cm x 4 cm   $2000   

BACH: Tocatta & Fugue          122cm x 122 cm x 4 cm       $10000


                                                      Agent:  Charles Hardman,  100th Gallery,  Melbourne,  Vic.  Australia                                                                                                   +61 [0] 413 00 1234 for all enquiries about art works that are still available for SALE